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Shirokuma serves delicious and high-quality Japanese soft cream and desserts. We have modernized and recreated the iconic desserts found in Japan to satisfy the tastebuds of our customers today. We are known for our 'wagashi', traditional Japanese confectionery such as mochi, anko red bean paste and other yummy treats that are normally served with a nice cup of soothing Matcha tea. Our menu also includes the world-reknowned 'Japadog' or Japanese-style hot dogs and highly-addictive Shaka Fries.

Since ancient times, the Japanese have been known to consume matcha green tea due its soothing effect and its numerous health benefits. Recent scientific research has also discovered that matcha has anti-aging and anti-cancerous properties. As well as being a powerful antioxidant, green tea is also rich in Catechin, which helps in burning calories.
  The name 'Shirokuma' is the Japanese word for 'white bear', which happens to be our mascot who loves icy weather and cold yummy desserts. His favourite dessert is the Japanese matcha soft cream – a delicious, guilt-free dessert which actually has many health properties.
At Shirokuma, we aim to use the best matcha green tea powder we could get our hands in order to share its many benefits through delicious cakes and desserts.

Fruit Anmitsu
Traditional dessert bowl served with a side of brown sugar syrup
Tasting Plate
Soft cream, matcha cake and Shiratama Anko
Original Soft Cream
Japanese soft ice cream
Matcha Soft Cream
Matcha green tea flavoured
Matcha/Original Twist Soft Cream
A mix of matcha and original milk flavour
Discover our desserts
in your inbox each day